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International Moving

Trade partner linkage system by major country

Hyundai Shipping Calgary Official Partner


LTC 해상운송
Ocean Shipping
Overseas moving
LTC 항공택배
LTC 항공택배
Air Express Service
EMS Air Freight
LTC 상업화물
​Commercial Goods
Import & Export Distribute
LTC 해외이사
Domestic Relocation
Moving within Canada

Track Package

All shipping to Canada!
Lucky Transport Canada is with you 

Were you worried about moving abroad?

We will help you safely and honestly through professional exhibitions with global partners. 

We deliver your luggage to your desired destination faster and safer than anyone else.

EMS Air Delivery Service! Try fast air courier service as it was in Korea. 

​Commercial cargo from Korea to Canada!

Distribution services are also available, from customs clearance and storage to delivery.

Do you need to send product samples and documents between Canadian and Korean companies?

We will ship faster and easier than anyone else.

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