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C O M M E R C I A L    G O O D S

Your Business Partner

 Commercial cargo  import/export and storage services

Commercial Customs Clearance and Shipping Services

$5M Liability Insurance

​Possession of Bonded Warehouse (Canadian customs CBSA certification)

Handling of various commercial and sales cargoes

CCTV inside and outside the indoor warehouse

Fire and Theft Insurance

WCB Registration

​Corporate Transportation Service

LTC럭키운송 HDS현대해운
컨테테이너 포워딩 및 분류작업

Korea's leading transportation brand

HDS Hyundai Shipping

Direct from Korea to Calgary

as an official partnership

We make transportation safer.

With large cargo scale and forklift

We deliver even heavy and large cargo safely and professionally.

6700 Sq. ft. of large indoor warehouse (2 loading dock & 1 driving dock),

it is optimized for container work,

As a bonded warehouse that can store goods not cleared by CBSA

Customs clearance and delivery are also fast!

Warehouse interior and exterior

CCTV & Climate Control fully equipped!

We safely handle commercial cargo.

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