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International Moving

International Moving

We help customers move overseas safely with a system linked to major countries.

Overseas Moving service

Shipping & Air delivery service for small shipments back home

HDS Hyundai Shipping Calgary Official Partner


Packaging material(box, bubble, tape, etc.) offer

​The only Korean company in Alberta that can handle containers

(Possession of bonded warehouse)

Same-day drop-off service for return vehicle

​Use it comfortably until the day you return home and drop it in the warehouse (5 minutes from the airport)


Air Courier

​If you need to receive your luggage in a hurry, we will send it quickly by air.

Ocean Courier

Small items are shipped by sea freight at a affordable price.

Overseas Moving Procedure

해외이사 절차


Consultation Request

If you contact us via our Lucky Transport website, email or phone, we will provide you with a rough estimate for your overseas moving budget and schedule. If you apply for a visit estimate, we will check the migration conditions and measure the freight estimate.


Visit Quotation

We offer free visit quotation according to your schedule.


Contract of Carriage

The exact schedule is made according to the customer's situation and preference, and a freight forwarding contract is provided.



Based on more than 15 years of experience and know-how, professional veteran staff safely and securely pack your cargo.



When the container with your cargo is loaded, an Ocean Bill of Lading is issued.


Customs Clearance and Quarantine

We put together customs documents and proceed with cargo customs clearance.


Door to Door Delivery

Cargoes that have cleared customs will be safely transported to your home.

Please check the items and number of delivered cargo according to the cargo list prepared at the place of departure.

캐나다내 이주 서비스

주요도시 거래처 연계시스템으로 안전하고 편리하게

다양한 루트로 고객님의 상황에 맞추어 최선의 서비스를 제공합니다. 

고객님의 이주 일정에 따른 무료 창고보관 서비스로 보다 유연하게 이주하실 수 있도록 도와드립니다.

​개인 이사

캐나다내 주 이동 및 장거리 이주

캐나다내 주요도시 거래처 연계 시스템으로

안전하고 편리하게 고객님의 이주를 도와드립니다.

  • 포장자재 제공

  • 무료 창고보관 서비스

  • ​차량운송

비지니스 이사
오피스 이사

오피스 이사 및 주재원 이주 서비스

​숙련된 정규직원들이 전문적으로 비지니스 이주를 도와드립니다.

  • $​5M Liability Insurance 가입

  • WCB 등록

  • 6700sq.ft 보세창고 보유

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