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LTC럭키운송 로고

Delivery Center & Bonded Warehouse

LTC 럭키운송 배송센터
Address: 588 Aero Drive NE Calgary AB T2E 7Y4 (Unit #122)
Parking: Always available

Shipping Center: (403) 275-8599  (Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00)
                  (825) 522-2424

Courier inquiries: (403) 465-2427
​Quotation inquiry: (403) 700-2424
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​Consultation and inquiry
For inquiries received after business hours (9:00-17:00 on weekdays), Please note that the person in charge will confirm and contact you within the next business day. We ask for your understanding as there may be a delay in responding to inquiries during peak season. ​I will try to give you a quick answer.
​Personal & Commercial Freight
Courier Inquiry
+1(403)275-8599 / +1(403)465-2427

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​* If you register an inquiry that does not match the content of your transportation-related inquiry, you may not receive the response you want or the processing may be delayed.
* It may be difficult to respond if the phone number and email address are not correct.
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